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*The numbers indicated below may be different than the actual amount that is currently available.

70 Haworth Powerbase  



This office cubicles still standing in Los Angeles, mostly 8x8 cubicles but we can make 6x6 and 6x8.  Please contact us if you want to know more information for the cubicles

  Size (ft) : 8X8, 6X8
Availability : now
Status : Standing
Condition(1-10) : 8.5-9 
Location : Riverside, CA

45 Ethospace  

  Size (ft) : various sizes 
Availability : now
Status : Storaged
Condition(1-10) : 8.5-9 
Location : San Diego

40 Teknion TOS  

  Size (ft) : various sizes 
Availability : now
Status : Stotaged
Condition(1-10) : 8
Location : Ontario

25 Herman Miller

  Size (ft) : various sizes 
Availability : now
Status : Standing
Condition(1-10) :2 years old 
Location : San Francisco & Bay area

15 Herman Miller


Size (ft) : various sizes 
Availability : now
Status : Standing
Condition(1-10) : still in the box
Location : San Francisco & Bay area
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At OFFICE FURNITURE LIQUIDATION . US, you will find various contemporary discount office furniture cubicles, new, used and refurbished , if you have any question anything about office furniture, please call us for personal assistance.

        office furniture liquidation .us is one of the largest liquidator. We buy & sell used  office cubicles.

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We offer new, used and refurbished office cubicles.  We are one of the largest office furniture liquidators in US located in Los Angeles & Inland Empire

Office Furniture, Home Office Furniture and Computer Desks from Herman Miller office furniture, Haworth office furniture and Teknion office furniture is here to make your office look great!